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About ꜰꜰ Kievit Slab

In early 1998 when Nike approached MetaDesign to revisit the original script logo and create a more modern version, a slab was born. One of the ideas was to add slabs to ꜰꜰ Kievit. This paved the way for ꜰꜰ Kievit Slab.

A few years later, Method was asked to rebrand Autodesk and ꜰꜰ Kievit was chosen as the corporate typeface. The logotype however, needed to be more distinctive, so a slab variation was developed. Although the identity and logotype have since been updated, it was the rebranding of Autodesk that allowed Mike Abbink to lay the foundations and really determine what the Slab would look like. Early versions of the Slab and the upcoming Serif versions were also used in the new identity of WDR (West German Broadcasting).

Four years in the making and designed with utmost precision, Mike Abbink and Paul van der Laan’s latest expansion of the ꜰꜰ Kievit superfamily has arrived. The new slab sibling comes in nine weights from Thin to Black and matching italics, making it a perfect companion to other members of the ꜰꜰ Kievit family.

About ꜰꜰ Kievit

Mike Abbink began initial work for ꜰꜰ Kievit in 1995, as part of a digital-font school project. The concept was finished several years later for a corporate client of Method Inc., a design firm in San Francisco and officially launched by FontFont in 2001.

The clarity of classic sans serif faces (Frutiger and Univers) and the humanistic characteristics of old styles (Garamond and Granjon) were the inspiration for this contemporary design that is equally at home in a headline or a body of text. The openness of the characters and their proportions also make it an ideal typeface for use in small print.

The ꜰꜰ Kievit family includes nine weights, true italics, old style figures and small caps —everything necessary for even the most demanding typography.


2001 bukva:raz
(ATypI best designs of the previous decade list)
2001 istd

About Mike Abbink

Mike Abbink is a multidisciplinary creative director, typeface designer and educator. A type enthusiast from way back he has been designing letter forms since 1992. ꜰꜰ Kievit is now internationally renowned and has won awards from the ISTD and ATypI.

About Paul van der Laan

Paul van der Laan operates from a studio near the seaside in The Hague as a designer of type and typography. He runs a typography studio called Type Invaders and together with Pieter van Rosmalen he is founder of Bold Monday, an independent font foundry.

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